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The first question that arises before the parents of a small child is whether he stays home with his mother, grandmother, or nanny before the school or will he go to kindergarten.

The advantage of raising a child in kindergarten is obvious – sooner or later he will have to live in a team, and the sooner he gets the first skills of this life, the better. Children who went to the garden tend to get used to school more easily , are more sociable and creative. The main problem is how to choose a good kindergarten for a child.

A few tips for those faced with the problem of choice

  1. Kindergarten should not be far from home. Doctors do not advise to choose such a garden, on the road to which you will spend more than 20 minutes, even if you carry the child by car.
  2. Select the desired kindergarten mode. There are gardens that work from 7:00 to 19:00, some until 17:00. There are gardens operating around the clock. Kindergartens can take children for several days. There are groups of short stay – for example, a child attends classes for 3 hours a day several times a week, and spends the rest of the time at home. With the cool kids group the deal come smarter.
  3. Do not neglect the advice of friends, acquaintances and neighbors who have children already go to different kindergartens, because they have already tested the quality of education in these gardens on personal experience.
  4. Visit in person several candidate kindergartens. Inspect the territory – how it is guarded, whether the gate is locked securely, how the territory is equipped, talk with the head of the kindergarten. Ask about the programs for which you are working with children, ask about food, find out how many children are in groups, evaluate the professionalism of educators. Talk with parents whose children go to this garden.
  5. If you choose a private garden, then find out what kind of education from the one who directs it, ask for a license and charter.
  6. Use the advice of professionals.

Where can I get a similar advice on choosing a kindergarten?

The preschool education departments of the county departments of the Education Department will help in choosing a kindergarten for your child. They can be contacted when it comes to the selection of a suitable kindergarten, as well as with complaints of conflicts with teachers and supervisors.

What to do if there are no places in your chosen kindergarten?

Contact the county office of education, there you will pick up a garden where there is free space. Register your child in the garden in advance – in every kindergarten there are “Books for registration of future students”. There are preferential categories accepted in kindergarten out of turn –  find out if your child is eligible for benefits .

Medical record number 20 with a note about vaccinations, analyzes, marks of doctors: orthopedist, ENT, ophthalmologist, neurologist, dentist, pediatrician.

Insurance policy

Such kindergartens are engaged in the educational program of preschool education, including familiarity with the outside world, games, speech development, familiarity with literature, the basics of mathematics, reading, drawing, music, physical education. Some gardens provide additional paid services that can be waived. The activities of the state kindergarten are supervised by a higher authority (department, department of education).

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